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Bright Halogen Revolving Beacon Lights
Unmatched brightness and visibility

These motorized rotating beacon lights are ideal for long range visibility both day and night. Choose from a variety of different dome colors and mounting options.

Starting at $99.55
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S7 Safety Cutter
Innovative Multi-Function Safety Cutter

A self retracting blade box cutter for top cutting cartons. It includes an integrated tape splitter and hook knife for safely slicing shrink wrap film.

Reg. $8.27
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Funny Safety Posters
Humor is an effective and fun way to reinforce safety principles

Laughter is the best medicine when it comes to safety awareness. Employess will remember the message longer when accompanied by a humorous or funny cartoon or slogan. Many of our posters feature humorous animations and slogans on a variety of topics.

Starting at $14.95
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S4 Safety Cutter (Green), RIGHT Handed, Includes 1 Safety Point Blade
Price: $6.50 
4.75 in. Rotating LED Beacon, battery operated/Jack with Remote Control, Red
Regular Price: $63.85
On Sale For: $49.95 

At we have dedicated ourselves to providing the most innovative and effective safety products available on the market. Studies dealing with work-site injuries typically show that the use of effective safety products combined with proper safety procedures can greatly reduce the incidence of accidents and injuries. To protect your personnel and your bottom line, the right safety products are essential.

Since the inception of our company, we made sure to only offer safety products that will help companies increase their compliance with OSHA standards. From safety knives to Boot Savers, trip protection and flashing safety beacons, our inventory is continuously expanding with new products. Not limiting ourselves to commercial entities, all of our products are also available for individual purchase by consumers.